Monthly Archives: April 2012

Market to Africa- a green garden for J.A.C.K.

      en Francais, cliquez l`image ******************************   Dear Friends,   I have again wonderful news to share as two great people: Greg & Su have sponsored and helped J.A.C.K. set up the first steps of a green house. This green house will enable our sanctuary: To      produce its own vegetables for its […]

An education centre thanks to I.P.P.L.

en Français, cliquez sur l’image -merci!         Dear Friends, Chimpanzee poaching sadly continues to make inroads into wild populations: adult chimpanzees are still victims of the bushmeat trade, and their infants are still being bought mainly by expatriates and others who want to use them as pets. Until now, J.A.C.K. has steered […]