Monthly Archives: February 2012

Luna: first steps of introduction!

  Cliquez ici pour le blog en langue française     Dear All!   YES! Baby Luna met 5 youngsters of the nursery group and all went well! Remember, Luna arrived in July 2011 and because of her very young age it took quite some time before presenting her to other chimps. Papa Augustin and […]

Progress for young Wanza

version en Français ici ————————————————–   Hello Everyone! Wanza is doing slightly better: he can now move his head more easily than before as his neck is less inflated. He even played again this afternoon with the keeper which shows he is doing better! Results from the lab have shown no allergy nor infection. The blood […]

WANZA not well

version en langue française ici !! —————————————————–   Dear Friends, Many thanks to all our Facebook Friends who sent us their best thoughts and prayers for young Wanza yesterday. Wanza wasn’t doing very well last Monday. At feeding time in the afternoon, I noticed he didn’t easily walk and couldn’t move his neck. He picked […]

flu? again?

ici pour le texte en langue française ================================================ Yes, we’ve just had a flu outbreak AGAIN at our sanctuary. January and July are two bad months because of the rains, the humidity and the low temperatures… It’s been really tough here for the last two weeks. It was the nursery group which first started with runny noses and […]