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bees everywhere!

en Français, ici ! **************** Strange title for a post, isn’t it? Last week, I asked my facebook friends to guess why the oldest galago we rescued now rather sleeps on the floor than in his little wooden house located high up in his enclosure… The reason why the bushbaby decided to move is because bees […]

Friends !

cet article est en Français ICI ! ********************************* Dear All, Taken from the forest by greedy poachers, these young creatures have seen their mum and their family being slaughtered for bushmeat. They were captured along with other young primates like them who probably didn’t make it and died because of sadnness and despair… At J.A.C.K. […]

4 orphans rescued in 2011

Dear All!   In year 2011, 4 orphans were rescued by our sanctuary: 2 female chimpanzees, 1 bush baby and 1 very young pangolin. These rescues weren’t possible without the help of DRC authorities, of several  sponsors and of different  participants which we kindly thank for their  financial and active intervention.  The two chimps which were rescued […]