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Best Wishes from J.A.C.K. !

Cette carte est disponible en Français sur notre site francophone www.jackchimp.yolasite.com Roxane & Franck/J.A.C.K.

Your donations via Paypal

Dear All, The  Paypal account via our US friend Theresa stopped working last September and it is now thanks to Sandrine, a very good friend of J.A.C.K., that a new account has been opened to collect your donations. Baby Ekolo is the one who this time is thanking the very kind donors who sent us their […]

How is baby Tommy doing?

All is well for this little chimp suffering of osteomyelitis… Remember, this young primate got a pellet gone through the right humerus last year and when he arrived at our sanctuary we had to work on his arm immediately  and we had only two possibilities: either amputate or save the sick arm… Today, the wound […]


Dear Friends Let me introduce you  HealingHand. This organisation located in South Africa is run by two  wonderful ladies, Su and Belinda, whose aim is to assist in the recovery of trauma victims: helping others is a way to reconstruct oneself after severe trauma and provides self confidence and recognition. Su and Belinda contacted us a few months […]