Monthly Archives: September 2011

bad news for Doguy

Dear All Some of you already know Doguy as I have mentionned in a former post he has had eye keratytis since February 2009. Although we have tried so many different treatments, no real improvement has been noticed. Doguy was recently sedated. The vet used fluoresceine to check the keratytis and announced the eye was […]

the blue barrel

Dear All, Last August, Franck improved the nursery playground  so that the little ones can develop their balance  and strength. Therefore, more swings were added and decorated with tyres and one swing has an old plastic barrel the chimps really like. Especially Maïka. She is the barrel specialist! And she very often asks her friends to […]

Friends of J.A.C.K. : Mathilde & Sébastien

Dear All, Mathilde and Sébastien are 2 good friends of J.A.C.K. who have recently decided to find a way to help our sanctuary. You’ll find below their long story written by themselves as J.A.C.K.wanted them to share their feelings and their experience… Many thanks again to Sébastien & Mathilde as well as to the so […]

buckets can be enrichment too!!!

Dearest Friends Young chimp Santa of our nursery group is known to be extremely maternal but also to be very curious and inventive! Santa loves buckets and when Papa Augustin feeds the little ones, he must hold the bucket firmly. Santa always needs to have a look inside the bucket at the end to see […]

Medecines collected for J.A.C.K.

Hi Everyone, Two French friends of J.A.C.K., Carole and Emilie, have done all their best to collect funds in order to buy medecines for our little sanctuary.  The two girls have done a wonderful job going from friends to friends. Emilie even went to a neighbouring Chemist’s  asking to donate drugs for chimpanzees of a […]