Monthly Archives: July 2011

Netcare helping J.A.C.K.

Dear All Our Southern DRC Province was recently facing an important plague of measles. Many people (mainly children) lost their lives and at J.A.C.K. we had to take particular measures especially with our care givers whose kids were sick. Maman Angeline and security agent Christian for example could no longer come close to the chimps […]

nursery group badly sick…

Yes, I’m afraid, no wonderful news for this time, dear Friends…. July and January  usually are two horrible months. I hate July because of its terrible changes in temperatures (it can be 5° C at 6.30 am and then 28°C at 10 am!) and January is always too humid and cold too due to heavy rains. […]

sugar cane

Dear All, Today, I wish to talk about something totally different… Yes, why should I speak about sugar cane? Well, know that only a few things are produced locally in our Katanga Province and that JACK has to import  from other DRC provinces and  even from Zambia fruits such as pineapples, oranges and apples. Therefore, JACK […]

Tommy back in the nursery group!

This is the good news of the day, dear Friends! Tommy, the baby with osteomyelitis, has been finally introduced into his group and we now keep our fingers crossed his bone will soon recover completely! All went very fast and extremely well as Tommy had met most of the other little friends last March. Today, […]