Monthly Archives: May 2011

Friends of J.A.C.K. (4)

Hello Friends, This is a very special post dedicated to Manuel,  a 12-year-old boy of German origins living in Lubumbashi. A few weeks ago, Manuel decided not to receive presents for his Birthday but simply asked his friends to make a donation for the chimps residing at J.A.C.K.! Yes! Can you believe this! Isn’t this  […]

PASA Health checks

Yes, dear Friends, as most of you know already, a few weeks ago we had a vet flying over from South Africa, Dr Bruce PECK, to sedate all the chimps and to do some health checks. J.A.C.K. has become a member of the PASA family and it was suggested all the chimpanzees residing at our […]

Thank Yous

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Baby  Ekolo & his friends wish to thank all the donors who kindly sent funds to our small Sanctuary last April via our Paypal account of this wildlife direct blog:  Patti C. (50 usd for Tommy & his mates), Oliver T. (25 usd), Amy M. (10 usd), Natalie W. (50 usd), […]

I.P.P.L./US supporting J.A.C.K.

Dear Friends,   As previously mentioned, end 2010  Dr Shirley Mc Greal contacted J.A.C.K. announcing the International Primate Protection League wished to support our small NGO. The International Primate Protection League is a non profit organisation “dedicated to protecting the world’s remaining primates, great and small“. Early 2010, the nursery group was offered a first night facility […]