Monthly Archives: March 2011

new nursery thanks to wonderful donors!

Dear All, Last year, J.A.C.K. was kindly helped by the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST, the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE, the donors on our WILDLIFE DIRECT blog, LITTLE JAK ASSOCIATION, the Zoo of LA PALMYRE and by BSI STEEL to build the first infant facility which enabled the nursery group to have their own place to sleep, […]

Tommy’s introduction stopped!

Dear All, I can’t find the words in English to express how bad I feel…. Introduction process had to be stopped as Tommy’s arm infection started again: pus mixed with blood came out of  Tommy’s last wound the other day and vet Jean-Claude was called immediately. It was finally decided to open the wound again, […]

Tommy’s introduction – day 2!

As  promised yesterday, here is the report of Tommy’s second day of introduction into JACK nursery group. The first day, Tommy, Nalia & Ekolo were presented to Santa, Maïka & Kimo. These 3 chimps of nearly 4 are usually very calm and quite maternal towards new comers. Especially Santa who loves to have very little […]

Tommy’s group on the move!- day 1

Hurray! This is great news I now want to share with you, dear Friends of JACK! Yes! Tommy and his two best friends, Nalia & Ekolo, moved to our sanctuary a few days ago as Tommy’s arm is now doing fine. Last week Saturday was D-Day and it took us a few minutes to get […]

no more bandages for Tommy

This is great news, isn’t it? You can’t imagine how happy JACK’s team is today as Tommy can now play and climb trees without bandages!!! Yes, Tommy’s arm is now doing a lot better and Vet Jean-Claude  decided a few days ago that bandages were no longer needed… Tommy immediately understood  the situation and rolled […]

Joma back in the group!

Dear All, Some good and bad news for today… The good one is that Joma has completely recovered and is now enjoying life with best friend Tika. Joma was so happy to his friend again that he jumped and jumped all over the place… The bad news is that flu is still around and that sneezing and […]

More X-Rays for Tommy

Dear All, Most of you know what happened to baby Tommy.  Since the surgery  of October 2010, this little one has had heavy medication and the  wounds had to be cleaned every day to get rid of the infection. Vet Jean-Claude and vet assistant Francis assisted us  a lot and we are grateful for their patience, […]