Monthly Archives: February 2011

Thank Yous

Yes! This time it is young chimp Wanza, a former alcoholic male chimpanzee of about 5 years old, who has been chosen to express our gratitude for the donations sent between Jan 28th and Feb 22nd to our JACK Sanctuary via Theresa’sPaypal account on this Wildlife Direct website (‘donate’ button on top right of this […]

slight improvement for JOMA

Hi Everyone, This is an update on young male Joma who hasn’t been well at all for the last days.  The new treatment seems to be more effective than the previous one and Joma accepted his first sips of warm milk yesterday  morning. Because of the terrible flu, he is still breathing very slowly and uneasily. […]

Joma very sick

Dear Friends, As previously mentioned, flu started again at JACK and this mainly because of the heavy rains we currently have here in Southern DRC.  The chimps are usually sick in January (rains) and in July (cold) and this year we were so happy January went by without any runny nose… Unfortunately,  February started with bad […]

Tommy, Nalia and Ekolo: 3 inseparable orphans

Hi Friends of JACK, Tommy, Nalia and Ekolo are the three youngest arrivals at our sanctuary. Tommy is the one with the bandage as a pellet went through his arm the day he was captured by poachers, the day his mom was killed… He still has bone infection but I’ll update on this soon as […]

Ekolo rhymes with… avocado

Dear Friends, Rainy season brings us its whole lot of  fruits and vegetables we can hardly find from April till October (dry season).  Thats’ the reason why these days JACK can easily find guavas, corn/maize, mangoes and …avocados. Chimps of course do like all of these and baby Ekolo has shown a particular interest in […]


Dear All, We have again been extremely busy for the last weeks as an outbreak of flu started due to the heavy rains and winds we had last January. In addition to this, our sanctuary was honored by the visit of  ICCN Director: Pasteur COSMA  WILUNGULA who was on a tour in the Katanga Province. It […]