Monthly Archives: January 2011

2 Apes rescued every 3 months since 2006!

Yes, dear Friends, this is a very sad report… All that poaching and slaughter brings  so much bushmeat and too  many orphans on local markets and just a very small number of these latters are  “lucky” to be saved, given shelter, security and love after so much pain… Our sanctuary was established in April 2006. Since then, 41 […]

Tommy, ups and downs

Dear All, This is an update on Tommy, the chimp with osteomyelitis. Our little friend has had daily care for the last 2 months. Thanks to the vets, Jean Claude & Francis, who assist us here and also thanks to Dr Carmen Vidal of the Lwiro Primates Sanctuary, Tommy’s arm has progressed a lot. Antibiotherapy was started […]

Thank Yous

Dear All, Remember, last November, 3 babies chimpanzees were transferred to my house because   (1) Tommy had severe bone infection, (2) rains and cold weather  started and (3) we didn’t have appropriated facilities for these very little ones… Thanks to your donation and the support of our sponsors*, an extra infant facility is being build […]