Monthly Archives: December 2010

a wonderful happy end

Dear All, This is a lovely story to end year 2010. End of last week, someone called Franck saying he had a man in his car with two very small chimpanzees. In less than 10 minutes Environment inspectors + the Minister of the Environment were aware of the situation and ready to come to confiscate […]

A lesson to Leadership

Dear Friends, Have you ever thought our closest relatives could teach our leaders  to be more humane in order to increase productivity and profitability? Well, two Swedish authors studied the case and share their analyse in the book ” Ledarskap på apstadiet ” (= ‘Leadership on a Chimpanzee Level’).  Tommy LUNDBERG, author and counsellor in communication […]


Hi Everyone, Too many things are taking place. Time is scarce and passing by so fast I hardly find the opportunity to sit behind the computer to give any minute detail of what is going on… CHI-CHI’s is a chain of restaurants and bars located mainly in Belgium, Luxemburg and you can also find them in […]

Best Wishes – Meilleurs Voeux

   Dear Friends! Chers Amis!   It’s been 3 years now that we’ve met you all on this blog and we wish to thank you all for reading, following,  encouraging and for being with us during good times and hard times… Cela fait aujourd’hui 3 ans que nous vous avons rencontrés sur ce site et nous […]

JACK member of PASA

Yes, dear Friends ! This is good news!!! These 4 last years of hard efforts have just been awarded an un believable price : the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance has accepted our sanctuary to become the 20th member of its “family”. Wonderful, isn’t it??? PASA and JACK have known each other since the early days […]

Thank Yous

Dear Friends, Today, it’s Tommy’s turn to thank our kind donors. Yes, Tommy had surgery a month ago and for more than a month has had daily treatments to clean his wounds.  Most of the vet material comes from Europe and South Africa and we do thank the following friends who have made donations via our […]

meet the infants (2): the “Pundus”, 1 year at JACK!

Hi Everyone, I’m sure most of you do still remember these two little babies JACK rescued last year in November. We called them  ‘the TWINS’ as they were nearly the same age/size and had been rescued from the same place. Bapuis the female. She’s the one who was dying. Today, Bapu is full of life, […]