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Kim and Tom: 2 babies rescued near Kisangani (part 2)

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well! Here is the end of this long story! August 2010– Grant asked J.A.C.K. if it was alright to take the two babies.They contacted Lwiro as well but because we had exchanged so many emails and telephone calls, they wished to send them to Katanga, Southern DRC, where […]

Kim and Tom : 2 babies rescued near Kisangani (part 1)

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K. This time, I’ll talk about two chimp orphans  rescued last May not far from Banalia,  at about 210 kms from Kisangani in an area where it is said the largest population of wild chimpanzees still remains (Dr Thurston C. HICKS 2010). Jurie and Grant are two South African friends working  for a huge company […]

Vida, a successful introduction!

Yes, dear Friends, Vida has been successfully introduced and is now well integrated into the infant group! Maïka, Bapu, Kimo, Dian,…. all wanted to keep baby Vida in their arms and we had tears in our eyes to see the little baby being hugged and loved from the first sight! Because of Vida’s young age, Africa […]