Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mwisho the dominant

Hi every one You know about Mwisho, the young chimp who now runs the group as a ‘dominant’ male. It isn’t an easy task to him: unlike all his friends of the group, he has been taken away very early from his family, he hasn’t experienced much authority of his family group  and therefore doesn’t really know how […]

Doguy’s eyes

Dear All, Doguy is a little chimpanzee friend you have already read about and who had awful eye problems. Yes, remember, his eyes had keratitis and we received appropriated medication via Tristan but also via the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA). One eye was cured. Not completely, but at least was saved due to these different […]

Elia, a huge step forward !

Dear All, Eliawas introduced to the infant group about 1 month ago. Although no longer infant herself, it was suggested  to put her with younger ones to stimulate her brain and to help her in her autistic behaviour. This young female now seems to see life differently! Yes, Elia plays all day long, runs with the other […]

Friends of J.A.C.K. (2)

Best Friends, Josefine is the second person I’ll talk about. Yes, some of you have already read about her through this blog as Josefine came to visit us in Lubumbashi when baby  Kimo arrived at J.A.C.K. in November 2008 and she took good care of the young chimp… When Josefine flew back to Sweden, she kept in her mind […]

VIDA, 33rd confiscated chimpanzee handed over to J.A.C.K.

Dear Friends A new little one arrived a few days ago… When driving back from her office, Thea, a friend of us,  had seen the little girl in the arms of a young Congolese man. Authorities were informed immediately and in less than 18 hours  the baby chimpanzee got seized by the Minister of Environment […]

Thank Yous

Hi Everyone, Theresa has sent  the report on the latest donations (from April 10th till June 23rd) . The chimps and bushbabies residing at J.A.C.K. wish to thank Tamela B(200 usd), Dana T(30 usd), Amy M(10 usd), Catherine M(200 usd), Amy M(10 usd), Fran B(25 usd), Oliver T(30 usd), Wanda H(20 usd), Brenton H(25 usd), Anna […]

Friends of J.A.C.K. (1)

Dear All, Today I wish to introduce fabulous people all over the world who have decided to  help J.A.C.K. Catherine lives in Miami, Florida. She is a chimp lover and regularly uses her skills to collect money for great apes centres. Together with a friend, Francine,  Catherine has founded ‘Memories Greeting Cards’. End of April, Catherine […]

J.A.C.K. flying Bonobo to LOLA!

Dear All, What happened some days ago was just amazing, magic and heart breaking at the same time.  I am still dreaming . I still have my head full of bonobo noises, tropical scents and of exceptional moments… I will never forget these precious and last exchanges I had with “Chibo”, the Bonobo…. Yes, as mentioned […]