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Bonobo confiscated in Lubumbashi

Aren’t bonobos meant to be found in the central basin of the DRC? somewhere not far from the Congo River? Well, yes, this is theory. But actually, bonobos unlike so many other Great Apes (chimpanzees, gorillas) are now on sale on several local markets throughout the country because of bushmeat and because of pet trade demand… End of […]

fundraising in France – collecte de fonds en France

Dear All, Chers Tous, J.A.C.K. is a young sanctuary located Southern DRC and was established to give state confiscated chimpanzees a safe place to stay. Today, 33 young chimps aged 1 1/2 to 7 years old are being looked after by J.A.C.K. as well as 5 bush babies. J.A.C.K. est un jeune sanctuaire créé dans le […]

a new life for Elia, the bird cage chimp

YES !   Elia is now with the babies and is  interacting  with the members of the infant group!   Jean-Claude our vet slightly sedated Elia and we both managed to transfer her from her quarantine area to the new infant enclosure. When she woke up, Elia was very scared of the new place because she could […]

Elia, the bird cage chimp

Hello Everyone, Let’s talk about Elia, this young female chimpanzee which had been detained in a horrible bird cage and was rescued by J.A.C.K.  in October 2009. Since her arrival at J.A.C.K. we have been quite preoccupied with this orphan. Aged of about 4 years old, when arriving at our sanctuary, the young female lost most of […]

Meet our team (3)

Sorry, Friends of JACK, the month of May has been so busy with everlasting power cuts that I haven’t been able to update the blog. Today I wish to introduce our keepers. I know you have met some of them already while reading our blog but this time you’ll learn more about them. from left […]