Monthly Archives: May 2010

Meet our team (2)

Hi Everyone, This second chapter related to our J.A.C.K. team will be about Jean-Claude, our vet. Dr Binemo Jean-Claude is a young Congolese veterinarian who has been assisting us for more than two years now. May 2009 – when Tongo was hurt Loving wildlife since his childhood and being the son of a famous Lubumbashi […]

Updates on recent flu outbreak

Dear All, As mentioned previously,  flu started at J.A.C.K.  Early morning temperatures are still chilly compared to day temperatures . I hate antibiotics but had in some way no choice because of fever.   Papa Augustin & Bapu  Among the infants, Maïka and Pundu were not well and baby  Bapu got weakened as well due to respiratory […]

Meet our team (1)

Hello dear Friends, I have already talked about different  subjects of our project and wish to introduce you our security guards. Our complex is located in the city centre of Lubumbashi and security is essential. Chimpanzees are being traded for their meat and sold as pets and therefore we must have J.A.C.K. safely guarded day and […]

Runny noses…again!

Dear All, In a few weeks time night temperatures have fallen terribly : 15° Celsius compared to 21°. Our rainy season has now turned into the dry, cold season. Winter has started two months in advance and… snotty noses as well! Jacky sick (top) and Kala trying to keep his nose clean We were lucky we […]