Monthly Archives: April 2010

Tongo, the youngest chimp of our main group

Dear All, I haven’t updated on Tongo for so long! Remember, Tongo arrived in Lubumbashi in August 2008 with Papa Faustin. December 2008, Tongo was succesfully introduced into our main group together with Jane with whom he had spent most of his quarantine period. Tongo settled in easily and the other chimps took good care of […]

G4G and WVS

Hello Friends of J.A.C.K., Let me introduce you a charity from the UK which has twice sent us useful medication for the orphans of our small sanctuary. Yes, thanks to our friend Samantha, J.A.C.K. has had the opportunity to work with Gearing up for Gorillas (G4G) ” the only UK charity that focuses 100% on the […]

Faustin back to Goma

Dear All, Early this morning Faustin took the plane back to Goma. Remember, Papa Faustin arrived at JACK with  3 young chimps last March and he had come to help them settle in at our J.A.C.K. sanctuary. [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/nGCUcfGzwPg” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Faustin was very sad to leave these 3 babies  but told me […]

Santa, fishing expert

Hi All, I finally managed to have a footage of the infants “fishing” honey! Santa had found a stick (too thick and too long) and wanted to ge some honey. A fight started with Pundu, also a fishing expert, who wished to have the stick for himself… At least, Santa had the stick on her […]

fundraising possible thanks to Theresa

Dear Donors, Some of you had problems in trying to send us  donations. Know that the paypal button on top right of our jack.wildlife direct blog is now working thanks to the extremely kind help of a chimpanzee lover : Theresa! Yes, Theresa managed to open a J.A.C.K. account for us in the United States which is […]

Fishing ….honey !

Hello dear Friends of J.A.C.K., The infant chimps which are now in their brand new facility have recently been introduced to their ant-hill. Yes, an ant-hill has been built in their open air enclosure and small pots full of honey were set some days ago to teach them how to enter a stick in small holes […]

St Martin-la-Plaine and Little Jak

Dear All, We have already talked about a French zoo worried about our progress and which is working together with our French antenna, Little Jak  Association, to help us reach our goals. The zoological garden of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine  has been with us since the horrible fire of 2006. Again the manager of the zoo, Monsieur Pierre THIVILLON, decided […]

New facilities thanks to YOUR generosity !

Hi Eveyone, Since early January, we have had very busy weeks at J.A.C.K. as two new enclosures have been built in order to improve the accomodation of the baby chimp group and to extend the night facilities of our main group. In December, many of you made donations to help us in building new facilities. Remember, 6 […]

3 chimps from Goma legally handed over to J.A.C.K. sanctuary

Dear All, A few days ago J.A.C.K. had the visit of the recently nominated Provincial Minister of Environment, Dr Felix Kabange Numbi Mukwapa, who came to hand over Bihati, Athanga and Padda to our sanctuary. You know that J.A.C.K. is working with the local authorities to protect DRC’s endangered wildlife, to educate people and to […]