Monthly Archives: February 2010


Hi Everyone! As previously mentioned, J.A.C.K. is also a bushbaby or galago project. These little mammals are poached for their meat and because of their small size, about 3 to 5 adult galagos are needed to compose a local dish. Galagos are nocturnals. They sleep in the trunks of big trees and live on insects, fruit, tree […]

Safari ants everywhere!

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well for each of you! Yesterday we had the spectacular visit of big red ants which is rather scary as chimps do not like these crawling little animals moving rapidly and… biting so hard once felt under attack! We actually couldn’t open the gates to put the chimps of the main group […]

chimp transfer delayed

Dear All, The 3 expected chimps from Kivu didn’t arrive. Chimps being unpredictable, we have been told one chimp refused to get into the crate. Franck and I were very disappointed as the last three weeks had been constant work to finalize everything before the arrival of the new comers… We still don’t know when […]

D day – 1: the abandoned chimps on the way…

Dear All, Tomorrow will be another busy day! The three young abandoned chimps from Kivu I have recently talked about should arrive tomorrow afternoon with the ITAB flight from Goma to Lubumbashi. We really hope Faustin and the chimps will have a good flight and that they won’t encounter any trouble at the different airports. […]