Monthly Archives: January 2010

abandoned chimpanzees in Kivu

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Some of you know already about the primates near Goma that have been abandoned by their owners wishing to start a sanctuary and who left the DRC because they ran out of money. 5 chimpanzees (2 adults and 3 youngsters), 1 red-tailed guenon and 1 black mangabey were found in bad […]

2 of the ‘Kivu 4′ presented to the main group

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Sorry for updating so late: power cuts have been part of our every day life for the last weeks not to mention the heavy rains preventing any Internet connection. Remember, some days ago, Rosie was introduced to the baby group. She has now found a place in this group and Santa […]

124.025 visitors for free at J.A.C.K. in 2009!

Dear All, 124.025 visitors came at our project for free last year among which 80% were kids from different schools! Conservation and Education go together and a free entrance is also a way to make more and more local people  aware about Environment, about Wildlife and Protection of their national patrimony. J.A.C.K. needs you to […]

A Happy New Year present for You!

Hi Friends of J.A.C.K. Now that 2009 is completely over, I wish to send YOU all our Best J.A.C.K. Wishes for this Year 2010 ! Today, I’ll share the first picture taken at our J.A.C.K. complex : the introduction of little Rosie in the baby group! Yes! She made it!  And Santa was always behind to protect her….. […]

100 orphan kids for Christmas at J.A.C.K.

Hi Everyone! As to definitely say goodbey to the year 2009 and to end  on a very good note, Franck & I wished to share this particular event with you! You all know that J.A.C.K. takes care of chimpanzee and galago orphans. This time, J.A.C.K. wanted to do something different. This time, J.A.C.K. decided to organise an […]