Monthly Archives: November 2009


Dear All, It took some time before Kimo’s bump started to reduce. And, as you can see on the picture, no trace of a bump is to be seen on his face. Kimo has put on weight, is playful again and is doing fine. He’s eating well. His tooth doesn’t seem to hurt him. Our vet […]

Kimo not well

Dear All, I today will update on one of the little chimps of our Refuge: Kimo. Not so long ago, baby Kimo was with us at home because of severe bronchiolitis. Back at the Refuge, Kimo settled in slowly as his friend PASA had gain in strength and had in some way become the “boss” of […]

Joma, the first filmed seizure of J.A.C.K.

Another seizure! Yes, dear Friends, J.A.C.K. has welcomed 3 new babies in nearly 3 weeks time and this represents a lot! Joma had been seen in Lubumbashi some days ago by local authorities. His cage was high above the wall of his owner’s house and any person passing by could see the young male on top of […]