Monthly Archives: October 2009

Elia, the chimp of the parrot cage

Hi Everyone, Yes, not good news, again! Elia is a young female chimpanzee that arrived at JACK a few hours ago.   She was kept in a small parrot cage. The owner had bought her here in Lubumbashi and was trying to sell her at a higher price. We had recently heard about a chimp in […]

Romeo the galago

Friends of JACK,   Romeo arrived two days ago at J.A.C.K. But Romeo isn’t a chimpanzee. Romeo is a galago. A Congolese farmer had found a very small bushbaby on his field and came to us for help. He had heard there was a project at the Lubumbashi Zoo taking care of seized galagos. Franck […]

A new life and a new name for Masika

Dear All, Masika, the baby that arrived about two weeks ago is doing fine. It took her just a few days to adjust to her new environment and she now knows everyone of the Refuge. She really likes Papa Augustin’s company.  He is the first one who comes to greet her in the mornings with […]

Ikia, the chimp that didn’t make it

Hi Everyone, In my former post, we had a happy rescue story. But also as mentioned, saving wildlife doesn’t always have happy ends. Today, I’ll talk about Ikia, a baby chimpanzee, who unlike so many others, had lost her family and hope… End of June 2009– Julius, a Congolese man working in the city of […]

Masika, a new baby chimp confiscated in the DRC

Dear Friends, Let me introduce you Masika (picture below) a baby chimpanzee now at J.A.C.K. Masika arrived a few days ago on the 29th of September.  Rosmarie of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (Epulu,DRC) actually contacted us on September 13th asking if J.A.C.K. could take the baby chimpanzee she had rescued.  Masika belonged to a soldier and was […]