Monthly Archives: September 2009

back to J.A.C.K.

Hi Everyone! No longer sick, Santa, Kimo and Maïka were ready to return with their chimp mates of the Refuge. They had been at my house for nearly one month and last Monday we decided to move them back to J.A.C.K. A friend Carole with Santa and Papa Augustin with Maïka and Kimo I really thought it […]

Fever, again!

Dear All, Last Monday should have been D-Day for the little ones of my place to be moved back to the Refuge. Unfortunately, Kimo started slight fever again Sunday evening and temperatures have been between 38° and 38°9 since then. Kimo playing with water The climate is changing as days become hotter now without any […]

Sad anniversary

The 5th of September will always be a gloomy day for JACK as in 2006 babies JAK and TOUZO died in a sabotage. For the ones who don’t know what happened, you can go on the link below and you’ll understand more about us: http://jack.wildlifedirect.org/2008/01/13/jack-a-refuge-centre-for-seized-chimpanzee-babies/   JAK (top) died on post because of the fumes […]

More sick chimps!

Dear All, Yes, not funny to say, but the last 3 little ones (=Kivu 4) of our baby group are contaminated too!  PASA has fever, AFRICA has a runny nose and baby DIAN is sneezing most of the time. Pasa They belong to the group of the babies I temporarily have at home and I knew […]