Monthly Archives: August 2009

Maika: good progress!

Hi again, Today was Maïka’s 3rd day of tough treatment and she started drinking and eating. Her eyes are bright and it seems she pays more attention to things around her. I can now say Maïka has come out of that lethargic state she had been in for the last week and we all feel […]


Dear All, Last week was extremely tough! Yes, some of you know already that we at J.A.C.K. have been struggling against a very contagious disease. Chimps simply collapsed of high fever, cough, wheeze and shortness of breath. The vet diagnosed bronchiolitis which is the inflammation of the bronchioles (the smallest air passages of the lungs). Some of […]


Hi Everyone,  Yes, I haven’t been writing much these days and so sorry about this. Franck and I have travelled in France, Belgium and Sweden in order to present our NGO and to attend several lectures and meetings. I am already preparing different blogs about what happened this last month and because it takes quite […]