Monthly Archives: July 2009

Land found for the JACK orphans!

Hello dear Friends ! It is high time I talked about the former game reserve of « KIZIBA BALUBA ». Yes, many weeks ago, JACK had the opportunity to visit a wonderful ICCN place not far from Lubumbashi. As JACK purpose and aim has always been to release the seized animals in their natural environment, it was crucial […]

Brevard Zoo and JACK Education Program

Hello Friends of JACK !   When Franck was attending the PASA meeting in the US last June, he met Beth of the Brevard Zoo who offered JACK a big suitcase full of books and puppets. This Environmental Teaching Suitcase, imagine, is a wonderful donation that will now enable JACK progress in its education program as […]

Medication for Doguy’s eyes

Hi Friends of JACK, Several months ago I talked about a baby chimp called Doguy having eye issues. People of France and of the US decided to do something and helped in the best way they could: 1/In the United States, Doguy’s Guardian Angel, Tristan, managed to find a very kind Veterinarian, Dr Sullivan who is […]