Monthly Archives: June 2009

Tongo and Pasa: updates

Hello Every one, Tongo is doing great in the group and has found a new reliable friend: MWISHO, the big male chimp that was introduced early June. As already mentioned, Mwisho had developed hatred towards humans due to the trauma he went through but we were convinced he wouldn’t be that tough with others of his […]

Mwisho and Coco introduced!

Dear Friends of JACK, Great news for today! The two 5-to-6-year-old-chimps, Coco and Miwsho, that have been in quarantine for so many months, have finally been introduced into the main group! Coco arrived in April 2008 and Mwisho was brought at JACK in December 2007. Both had undergone severe trauma while being detained by their owners and it […]

Conservation Works

Dear Friends of JACK, Haven’t been posting for the last days and really apologize!! All is fine at JACK and Franck came back last week from the US where he had positive meetings and contacts. Today, I want to share this particular event: a huge donation, again! Yes, as since its early beginning, JACK has been […]