Monthly Archives: May 2009

Tongo back with the others!

Yes, Everyone, good news for Tongo: we managed to introduce him back into the main group!  After Tongo had had his last milk of his quarantine period (with Maman Angeline below), Maman Maguy and Papa Augustin struggled to get him out of his isolation cage.   Tongo doesn’t like to be hugged and is in some ways still quite […]

Maika enjoying life at JACK

Hello Everyone, Maïka is the youngest chimp orphan that came at JACK last February and she has now become more confident, stronger and healthier. Her best mates are Santa, Kimo and of course the ‘Kivu 4’ with whom she spends her days playing in the quarantine open air enclosure of JACK. Maïka’s favourite games: climbing up […]

JACK in Ohio

Yes, last week Franck attended the PASA meeting at the Columbus Zoo (Ohio) where he was given time to present the most recent progress of JACK. Also, while being in the US, Franck has taken the opportunity to visit important zoos such as the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago). He is coming […]

Justine, JACK’s youngest supporter

Dear Friends, Let me introduce you to Justine. Justine is the youngest supporter JACK has ever had and she has been with JACK for about two years now. She is 9 years old, lives in France and has been interested in Great Apes for many years.   Her parents are animal lovers too, but Justine’s preferences are on […]

Tongo recovering

Hi Everyone, Tongo is doing fine and has still his antibiotic treatment. Maman Angeline (below) and the rest of the team takes good care of little Tongo and sees that medication is given 3 times a day. There hasn’t been any traces of infection and it is really amazing how fast this little one has […]

Big fight, Tongo severely hurt

Dear All, This morning, the chimps had a terrible fight during feeding time (milk) in the night enclosure. There was such agressiveness and nearly all the group was involved into the quarrel we actually couldn’t see who was fighting against who… The keepers shouted and managed with Franck to separate the group. But it was too […]

More pictures of baby Pasa

Hey Christine C. and the other Friends of JACK! A few days ago I took pictures mainly for you, Christine C.,  and I think this time you’ll agree Pasa has got more fur than when he arrived last February…   Look at his back, his arms and tummy… I hope you (and of course the other […]

“Congo, un pays magnifique”

Hello Friends of JACK, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that most of the ladies had a memorable Mothers’ Day! Today, I want to talk about two authors and friends, Alain HUART and Chantal TOMBU, who have had their brand new book recently published. This piece of art is written in French but you […]


Hi Everyone, Formely called “ETAITO”, Dian is the youngest chimp of the ‘KIVU 4’ and she was the first one to be introduced to the new quarantine quarters when they all arrived end of last February.   Dian is very shy. Though not showing any signs of aggressiveness, she likes to stay with some people […]

New parcel from LITTLE JAK

Hi good Friends of JACK, Early last week I talked about ‘Little Jak’. We actually have just received their latest parcel containing different medication that will help us face flu during next coming cold/dry season. Getting parcels is always like getting Christmas’ presents So, thank you again to the team of Little Jak. Chita and […]