Monthly Archives: March 2009

bad days…

Hi Friends of JACK, Sorry for this delay in posting… Last week, we had flu again at the project. And this time, it happened because a visitor -again! – had thrown into the main enclosure a can contaminated with a very tough flu virus. The chimps fell terribly sick and one after the other joined the […]

Africa, Pasa, Dian & Maika

The Kivu Four are doing fine. Faustin left last week and the babies know now each member of our team. Africa is the eldest of the Kivus and she really had no trouble at all in settling in. She has got wonderful hair, eats almost everyhting and is kind with everyone. Pasa is the only […]


Dear All, Yes, you are right Theresa and Sheryl, when you say Faustin is an Angel. He has saved Santa but Faustin has also  brought and given so much love and care to Tongo, Santa/Mapima and to the ‘Kivu 4’. Faustin is a very interesting person  and we at JACK are extremely grateful to him for […]

Santa saved by Faustin

Dear Friends, Terrible news for today, believe me! Santa/Mapima and Kimo are no longer at home with us and are now staying at the Refuge in the quarantine area ready to be introduced.   Santa (left) & Kimo They have been presented already to the ‘big’ ones of the main group: Chita, Bachi, Wanza and […]

Maiko has gone but Maika has joined the ‘Kivu Four’

Hi Everyone, Maïka arrived on Saturday 21st of February… the same day as the ‘Kivu Four’. Remember, I told you Franck and I had just arrived from the airport that day that a lady called us saying she had just seen a chimp for sale on the streets of Lubumbashi… I can’t tell you how bad […]

Doguy’s eyes

Hi Everyone, Let’s update today on Doguy’s eyes. Two weeks ago, Tristan (Doguy’s Guardian Angel), managed to be in contact with several vets specialised in eye issues and, for more substantial diagnostics, we sedated both Doguy and Shasa (the eldest female of the group also having a white spot on the cornea…) All went well […]