Monthly Archives: December 2008

Inauguration of the new night enclosures of the Refuge

Hi Everyone, As already mentioned, the main constructions meant to improve the conditions of the JACK ape orphans  are finished.   And the main group already enjoys staying in these facilities every night.   Chita building his nest (top) and Shasa ready to sleep (below) Our friend and member of J.A.C.K., Franck CHAMBON, who specially and […]

Josefine, volunteer at the JACK Refuge Centre

Hello there friends of JACK! This is the swedish volunteer Josefine writing. I have been here volunteering since the 9th of november this year (2008).   Kimo & Josefine Ever since i were a little girl my biggest dream was of course to work with animals and if possible – wildlife. I went to the […]

Tongo and Jane successfully introduced

Good news for today! Little Tongo and Jane have been successfully introduced into the main group. Just a few days ago, both chimps left their quarantine enclosure. Jane was so happy to jump into Franck’s arms for transfer. But, baby Tongo refused to quit this place that had become his for the last 3 months! […]

Best Wishes

Friends of JACK, We do THANK  ALL  OF  YOU  for having been on our sides for the last 12 months and for having encouraged and supported us. One year ago, JACK was a small Refuge Centre that no-one had ever heard about and we are grateful to WILDLIFE DIRECT  for having given us the chance to […]

J.A.C.K. on MONUC Radio Okapi

Hello everyone, Just after the departure of PASA, my husband Franck was intervieuwed by Radio Okapi which is the Monuc Radio in the DRC.   I know, comments and speech are in French, but it will be full of interest for the ones who unsterstand this language as it explains how JACK started nearly three […]

the group introduced to its new quarters

Dear All, It’s high time I now tell you more about the constructions we have started and which are almost finished. As mentioned previously, everything had to be ready before the rains. But, in Africa, there are always – a few? – things that make you change your plans… Before… The chimps of the main group […]

Faustin and Tongo

Hi, here am I again… and, as promised yesterday, I’ll update on Tongo. Remember, Tongo arrived in Lubumbashi last August with Faustin. Tongo was the baby chimp seized in the Virungas by ICCN. This time, Faustin is at J.A.C.K. but with Mapima. Faustin, Mapima and Chester Zoo vet Steve Unwinn Faustin playing with Kimo and […]

A new home for Mapima

Hello everyone! Yes, most of you know about the latest little baby chimp who has arrived at JACK thanks to the help of Samantha. Mapima is the baby chimpanzee that was seized in Goma. You can read more about her on http://gorilla.cd/ Mapima had a good journey with Faustin and safely arrived in Lubumbashi. Mapima […]