Monthly Archives: August 2008

The chimp living in a 4×4 and the one in a bag: together, FOREVER !!!

Dear Friends of Jack, I told you last time the first meeting between our two latest newcomers was a great and very positiv event.   Today, we can say at J.A.C.K that both little ones are getting on well and that JANE is taking care of Tongo. Although JANE  lived alone for a very long […]

Tongo and Jane introduced

Hi, everyone! Please, have a look at the following pictures… Yes, yesterday, Tongo was  introduced to our sweet little JANE. JANE was still in her small quarantine enclosure and Tongo was close to her with Faustin. JANE had no hesitation at all, opened her arms widely and couldn’t stop from hugging the little one… We […]

Fantastic ! Faustin is staying one more week with little Tongo !

Dear Friends, Good news! Faustin, the veterinary assistant who came with Tongo, is going to stay a bit longer. Yes! He was due to leave early this morning. But, thanks to SAMANTHA who managed to change the flight, Faustin will be flying back to Kivu on Thursday 28th. His presence here at J.A.C.K. is too […]

Tongo, the chimp seized in the Virunga area and who arrived at J.A.C.K. by plane

After a long wait at the Goma airport, Tongo and Faustin finally managed to get on the plane and to take off. The flight wasn’t that long, but these few hours lasted for ages….Franck and I were very impatient !! Finally, late in the evening, Faustin and Tongo arrived. Franck and the authorities were waiting for […]

Update on JANE

JANE is doing well and starts to be very playfull. She had some parasites  but is now healthy eats very well, adores fruit and is fond of yoghurt…. Because JANE was very thin, we had to put her in a small quarantine enclosure, but Franck has already been working on her new place thanks to your […]

A new seizure: a chimp living in a 4×4 car !

Dear Friends, These days have been extremely busy because a new baby chimpanzee called JANE was seized and brought a few days ago at JACK. Just like Coco, JANE has gone through a long story. We have known about her since October 2007.  One day, a Congolese man came to visit our Refuge and mentioned […]

A new species of Chimpanzee ?

Friends of JACK, You have already met Shasa, our eldest chimpanzee female who now takes good care of JAC. Shasa arrived two years ago from Kinshasa, capital of DRC. A friend of us, Karen, had seen her for sale on a famous Kinshasa market and Karen managed to move heaven and earth to make the […]