Monthly Archives: July 2008

Thank Yous

Friends of JACK, I have just noticed I haven’t given you the most recent donations’list. Here are the following donations received since lastMay: A/ single donations – May: Cathy R (150$), Wanda H (25$+ 25$), Sheryl B (25$), Anonymous (2000$) – June: Danalea S (50$) and Oliver T (50$); – July : Thurlow (100$) and […]

Meet our team

Hi All, You already know several things about JACK and today I would like to introduce you our team. Franck and I don’t work alone in this wonderful project. Seven Congolese workers assist us every day and  they deserve a post on this blog as well! JACK is employing 3 women who actually have become […]

The welding machine

Hi Everyone, As Chantal told you last week, my family and I took 12 days off. Since we started JACK two years ago, we had never had the opportunity to take more than 2-3 days off all together. When you are starting up a Centre like JACK, it isn’t easy to find a reliable  person […]

12 days in Roxane’s shoes

Hi Friends of JACK My name is Chantal. I am a volunteer at JACK and I am also baby JAC’s “godmother” as JACK started a chimpanzee adoption programme a few months ago and I have adopted “JAC“. Roxane and her family needed a well deserved vacation and I proposed to take care of the chimps during […]

Our friend Jac

Hi all! Just wanted to give you some update of Jac, our little friend I started blogging with… Introduced into the main group last February, Jac received protection of the eldest female, Shasa. SHASA taking care of Jac Today, Jac has found his place in the main  group and gets on well with all his […]

The Sweden Chimpanzee Trust

Dear Friends, Today, I dedicate my post to a very particular lady from Sweden called Ing-Marie Persson. She runs a Trust called Sweden Chimpanzee Trust  and has a park in Sweden named Furuvik. Mrs. Ing-Marie and Manda The Sweden Chimpanzee Trust is a non-profit organization for the conservation of the endangered chimpanzees. It is coordinated with […]