Monthly Archives: June 2008

Your donations

Dear All, Last week, I remembered you about the money you sent end of April/early May for the purchase of the welding machine. The bank has called us  saying your money finally arrived. But, when Franck went to buy the machine, bad news: no welding machine was left. Here, it’s always like this: once you see […]


Dear Friends, Winter started a few weeks ago. Yes, here in Central Africa, we have a cold season from May untill end of October. Nights are colder, 5 to 8 degrees Celsius (41-46°Fahrenheit) which is quite chilly as we are used to 24 to 28 degrees Celsius (75-82°Fahrenheit). June and July are the coldest months. As the weather […]


Hi Friends of  JACK!    My name is Stacy Best.   I am an American ex-pat living in Lubumbashi.  I have been volunteering at JACK for approximately 3 months.  I am a Registered Nurse but am not currently practicing here in DRC.   My daughters came home from school one day and told me about JACK.  I […]

Children helping J.A.C.K

Dear All,   Last Saturday, the Belgian school of Lubumbashi organized a Mother’s Day Programme. This particular event usually takes place  in the month of May and all the kids of the primary school  are on the stage. This year, and thanks to some kids of the 5th Grade, the Programme was slightly different from the ones […]