Monthly Archives: May 2008

Bullet in the arm of a chimp !!

Hi dear Readers! Fifteen chimpanzees are now staying at our Refuge Centre and Mwisho is the orphan we worry about most. Arrived last December, he still keeps himself isolated and selects the people he wants to have contacts with.   For the last weeks, Mwisho had a swollen thing, something like a “bubble” in the bend of his right […]

French animal keeper and Mwisho

Hi everyone! . Franck and I have been very busy recently as the Technical Advisor of JACK, Franck Chambon, who is also the animal keeper of the French zoo  that helped us after the sabotage, came to work with us for a while.   Because we needed help and advice, our friend and advisor, Franck , […]

Seki introduced !!

Dear All, Great news for this week:  SEKI, the chimp that was so humanized and had to learn to become a chimp again, has finally been introduced! Recent blood samples  had showed the baby chimp was very healthy and ready to join the group. Our little friend was really happy to explore the main enclosure and, […]