Monthly Archives: April 2008

COCO: an incredible story !

Hi Everyone! Welcome to JACK’s weekly post: today, I’ll speak about COCO, the latest chimpanzee orphan that arrived at JACK on April 10th.   Just like most of the seized orphan chimps of JACK,  Coco was seen for the first time by authorities here in Lubumbashi. Hardly fed, very sick, the baby had a long rope around his […]

DRC President at JACK

Early April,  when Franck was in Sierra Leone, different authorities came to visit our Refuge Centre.   At first, I  had the opportunity to meet the National DRC Minister of Environment, Mr. José ENDUNDO BONONGE, who was really amazed to see what private people like us are doing for Congolese conservation.     On April 2nd, DRC National Minister of […]

JACK meeting Tacugama

So glad to be back!! Had to be off for a while as Franck had left DRC for several meetings and I had to manage work, family and chimps all on my own!   My husband flew to Sierra Leone in order to attend the PASA workshop organised at TACUGAMA CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY. PASA workshop was […]