Monthly Archives: March 2008

More pictures of JAC !

Dear all, . I feel so bad because there were picture problems with the latest post, and to apologize, I’ve posted extra pictures of JAC’s introduction.  It is true, Sheryl, JAC now looks happy and this is a real victory. Who knows were JAC would have been today if a friend hadn’t seen him for […]

JAC introduced!

Hello there! This month is full of emotions: we had the arrival of SEKI about two weeks ago and, last weekend, we decided to finally introduce JAC into the main group. Remember, JAC was that poor little one found on a market last September, and, beaten up, terribly sick, he nearly died…     September […]

A new chimp at J.A.C.K.

Dear All,   Let’s share that surprising news. A new young chimpanzee orphan has recently been seized by local authorities and brought at the Refuge Centre. SEKI is a young male of about 3 1/2 to 4 years old and is in an amazing condition: his fur is beautiful, his physical condition is great and […]


Hi Everyone, If I maintain the chronology of J.A.C.K. story, the next theme to speak about that comes into my mind is ANGELINE. Angeline is the first surrogate mother we had just after the fire. Before the tragedy, two young men had been in charge of the babies during day but decided to stop working […]