Monthly Archives: December 2007

Best wishes…

Hi Everyone! We just wanted to wish you all the best for this Merry Season.  May the New coming Year be good for YOU from the very start, may every success and happiness come to YOU, may you prosper and may all your dreams come true! Have a beautiful New Year!   Also, Franck and I wanted to […]

What happened to “JAC”?

Remember, on October 20th, you were told on Manioc Valley about a baby chimpanzee called “JAC” that had joined J.A.C.K. Refuge Center. “Jac” Jac had been set for sale for several days on one of Lubumbashi markets. Hardly fed, put underneath a small three with a long rope tied to his right foot , Jac […]

J.A.C.K. – Who are we?

Chimpanzees are found mainly in the rainforests of Africa. Unfortunately, their population is on the decline due to the continual illegal trade and poaching. Chimpanzees are soon to become extinct if awareness is not advocated to stop the trade. Chimp Forest J.A.C.K. – Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga (Young Confiscated Animals in Katanga) is located […]