recovery of J.A.C.K. education buildings

Friends who closely follow us will for sure still have in mind the terrible fire our sanctuary had to cope with last September and which destroyed 2 of our education buildings.

07.09.13 (10)

J.A.C.K. education centre is currently made of 4 education huts all kindly sponsored by wonderful people ( the International Primate Protection League, the Arcus Foundation, the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust, Market to Africa, MMR,…). Construction of the Education Centre started in 2011 and isn’t finished yet as more buildings are on the agenda…

educ centre

During the arson, education hut #2 totally perished because of  the flames…


… but thanks to donors, J.A.C.K. was able to restore the building and new developments, drawings, paintings have been made to rebuild it completely! This recovery has been possible thanks to 2 very helpful donations received from : (1) the PASA Crisis Fund and from (2) the International Primate Protection League.


Education hut # 4 was being built at the time of the arson and only the roof partially burnt down. The building has now a brand new roof and developments can now continue!


Also, IPPL agreed on enforcing security at J.A.C.K.. That’s the reason why since the arson, and thanks to the International Primate Protection League, our sanctuary has now two armed rangers from the DRC National Parks who provide day and night security on site .



Again, J.A.CK. wishes to thank PASA and IPPL for their help. Receiving your donations was a sign we weren’t that alone to face the arsonists and your support helped us in erasing these terrible arson pictures from our minds!

06.02.14 (17)



Baby Kaly meeting others

Dear all,

Kaly was handed over by DRC authorities to JACK last October and because of her very young age, she spent most of her quarantine days at JACK with surrogate moms Angeline and Fabienne. I took care of her every single night.

06.02.14 (2)

Last month, we decided Kaly was strong and healthy enough to meet others of her own kind and she has since then met several members of her future group: Luna, Maïka, Vida, Ekolo & now Tommy!




with Maïka & best friend Luna

06.02.14 (1)

sharing enrichment pasta with Ekolo

Today, Kaly is staying with Tommy as Luna had to go back in her group again. Next time, I’ll introduce Kaly probably to Kimo and to Lynn. I’m sure, they’ll accept her very easily and Kaly will get on well with them too!


staying these days alone with Tommy

Kaly isn’t yet totally introduced in the nursery group. I have noticed she is very slow in trusting others and that’s why we need to be very cautious about her introduction.


Kaly sharing LUNA’s (huge) bedding

 I’ll keep you posted,

Thank you for following THEM,

 Roxane/ J.A.C.K.

developments 2013 – (1)

J.A.C.K. is a sanctuary saving chimpanzees from the bush meat trade and also from the illegal exotic pet trade.But, to host these growing ape orphans, J.A.C.K. needs help for building and for improving facilities.

In 2012, J.A.C.K. started the Nursery 2 Project which is the development of a second nursery area with both a new playground and new night rooms. The project of the night quarter in 2012 was essentially supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation . The works weren’t finished; building facilities is extremely costly!!


Therefore, in 2013, thanks to (1) the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, (2) the International Primate Protection League and (3) the Born Free Foundation, J.A.C.K managed to continue what had been previously started and one night room is now completely built!


Foundations of two extra night facilities have been constructed t0o as well as the concrete floor of the futur tunnel that will link Nursery 1 to Nursery 2. Yes, playground of Nursery 1 (C1 on picture) will be linked to playground of Nursery 2 (C2) which will provide the chimps more space and extra shelter during cold and rainy weather! Also, in this way, the nursery group will be allowed to go from one playground to another and  have more space to play and to stay!


But the Nursery 2 Project isn’t yet finished. Two more night rooms have to be built as well as the tunnel.  This means that, according to donations,  we will be again be very busy building and improving the sanctuary this year at J.A.C.K. !!

2014.02 - merci dons

Again J.A.C.K. wishes to thank its generous donours for their trust and for their wish to give these orphans the best! J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to achieve all these important works without their wonderful support!

Thank YOU for THEM!

Valentine 8, 9 & 10: lucky bags everywhere thanks to Christine, Lucette & Marc!


lucky bags filled with raisins,peanuts and almonds

The chimps hadplenty of lucky bags today!

Yes, once the treats had been displayed, rain started and ruined most of the enrichment items (lucky bags, carton boxes with fresh guavas inside) which had been set on the external playgrounds. It was too bad! Everything got wet and we started enrichment boxes and lucky bags again !!


lucky boxes filled with lucky bags and with fresh fruit (guavas & apples)

I therefore decided to take the lucky bags of the 2 last days of the Valentine Programe all together (160 yummy bags) and to hide again new items once the rain stopped.


Hopefully, we had some sun shine at that time and all our friends enjoyed their lucky bags!!


2014-02-23-1126 2014-02-23-1139 2014-02-23-1159 2014-02-23-1169 2014-02-23-1170
Many thanks again to Christine, Marc and Lucette who donated these yummy treats to the chimps! They really got spoiled today thanks to you!!


Valentine 7 – fun with barrels!

Again, great fun  today!

This time, the chimps were offered huge blue barrels which were either hung or displayed on different places of the playgrounds. But when organising the huge barrels on the playgrounds , the keepers and I realised they were too high and that, once set close to the walls or wires,  the chimps would try to escape…

20.02.14 (23)

Therefore, just before the gates were opened, we cut 3 barrels out of 5 in two smaller pieces  so that the chimps would still be able to have fun and less be tempted to use their new toys as a way to jump over the fences  …



20.02.14 (67)

See by yourself how the chimps played and played with the barrels…






DSC06700 - Copie

Some even loved the nautral sacks that had been used to fix the barrels onto the swings and swung like Tarzan…


DSC06705 - Copie


… then the wind blew and the sack flew onto Nalia’s face who seemed to enjoy this special moment … Rain started again and the chimps had to go inside again leaving their new toys behind for next time …


DSC06710 - Copie



Many thanks again to Laurence, Alain, Carine, Catherine & Godelieve for these special items which have given sooo much fun to our boarders!!!

20.02.14 (20)

Valentine 6 – yummy barks

Organising today’s Valentine enrichment was great fun since all the fruits (pineapples, bananas) were cut in small pieces, mixed with honey and oats!!Also, because I couldn’t find many barks, I decided the trunk of a banana tree would be the same and once all the barks were topped with the yummy jam, all were displayed onto the playgrounds and the gates were opened.



The chimps were very excited (some intrigued!) to see the barks, but as soon as the jam was eaten up, they ran for more barks.

DSC06500 DSC06502 DSC06504 DSC06510 DSC06517 DSC06518 DSC06533 DSC06536 DSC06545 DSC06546

Many thanks to Marie-Odile and to Céline who offered this Valentine specials today !

Again, the chimps really really enjoyed the treats!!!


Valentine 5 – water games !

It’s been raining lots and lots for the last days (weeks !) and we were a bit scared to provide enrichment with water since flu has strikken again at J.A.C.K. and since some of our friends had to be kept indoors for observation and treatment…

But we were lucky today to have – at least ! – some sun shine!! The offered bowls and buckets were full of yummy things (guava, avocado & rice) and  some had water!

Capture plein écran 20022014 053039

Capture plein écran 20022014 053056

No need to provide many explanations about what happened today, just look at the pictures and you’ll see that the bowls and buckets offered by Valentines Kelly J. Carine L. , Patti C, and Wanda H.  entertained our young hairy friends and gave them so much fun!

Capture plein écran 20022014 053130

Capture plein écran 20022014 053145

Capture plein écran 20022014 053204

Capture plein écran 20022014 053232

Capture plein écran 20022014 053251

Capture plein écran 20022014 053306

Capture plein écran 20022014 053314

Capture plein écran 20022014 054306

Capture plein écran 20022014 054318

Capture plein écran 20022014 054533

Thank you Kelly, Carine, Patti and Wanda for this great surprises for the chimps! Again, they had such a ‘special’ day thanks to your Love and Kindness!

Capture plein écran 20022014 053243


Valentine 4 – unexpected avalanche of treats from Natalie!

Today’s enrichment was completely different from the others: goodies (peanuts, pop corns,corn flakes and raisins) had been displayed on the external playgrounds as if it had been rainging treats!!!

Once the gates were opened, the chimps ran outdoor and stopped at different places to eat and eat and eat all what they found!! They were extremely funny because they walked, stopped, ate. And then again, walked, stopped, ate, walked, stopped, ate…





Elia again had the best idea: she had kept a little piece of cloth from the enrichment of the day before and she collected all the treats she found and ate her findings on her own high up in the tree. She is extremely smart! Bravo, Elia!


Again, the orphans at J.A.C.K. had great fun and had interesting and yummy things for enrichment. Thank you, NATALIE, for being part of the Valentine Program and for giving THEM special times!!!!



Valentine 3 – bamboo mats & apples thanks to Fran!

The chimps again, thanks to the kindness of one of their Valentines, were very surprised to leave their night quarters and to discover new decorated playgrounds!!!

This time, handmade bamboo mats were fixed all over the place providing the open air facilities a ‘new look’. And apples were hung everywhere as well!


Although our boardes are used to these natural mats, they were somehow a bit scared at the beginning since there were so many on their playground :). But when they saw the apples, Fran’s Valentine enrichment had no secrets any more.





At first, all the apples were eaten up. Some boarders even collected more than 1!





Finally,  it was time to play with the mats, to ‘peel off’ any part of it…





This part of the enrichment lasted for hours. In the evening, when time came to get the chimp indoors for the night, some of them were still ‘working’ on their mats, peeling off slowly every single part of it!


The chimps had again great fun today and this was thanks to you, dear FRAN! Thank you again for caring about these orphans and for giving them special times !!!


Valentine 2 – Chantal

Today, it was “lucky bag day” offered by our friend Chantal. There will be in total 4 days of lucky bag days since 3 more Valentines (Christine C., Lucette P. and Marc H) wanted to offer these items from our Valentine programme and this is the reason why, remember, instead of offering 7 days of ‘specials’ , J.A.C.K. will organise 10 days of treats!


It was Fabienne who hid the lucky bags in the morning and once all the gates were opened…


all the chimps could start hunting for their ‘specials’!!!


They had  a great time and  knew how to get the treats (raisins, almonds and peanuts) immediately . See by yourself :

DSC05996 DSC06000 DSC06011 DSC06026 DSC06036 DSC06073 DSC06079

Again, thank YOU Chantal for always caring about THEM !!!