Christmas enrichment toys arrived in France!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – volunteer Karine, currently spending holidays in France, has just received the big parcels full of toys that have been recently offered thanks to the wonderful donation of Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Eva C, Céline L,  Carine L, Marc & Judith T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and Sophie M!

The chimps will have loads of fun!

Thank YOU again for THEM!!!

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rubber games

Volunteer Karine left a rubber ring the other day in the pond of the nursery group to observe the reactions of the chimps.


At first, most of the chimps seemed worried to see something new and some even refused to come close to the pond. The first ones to come closer were Ekolo, Kimo & Tommy and the rubber ring suddenly became THE great attraction of the day!!




Kimo (right)


Kimo & Tommy

Then, Elia arrived…


…and she confidently grabbed the new enrichment item and made it hers for hours and hours. Her friends were allowed to look at the ring but not to touch it!



Finally, what was supposed to happen, happened indeed: the rubber ring became flat to Elia’s surprise. But this didn’t prevent her from still using the rubber ring as enrichment tool as she carried it around her neck or on her head all day and it kept her busy all the time!



Once the novelty had worn off, Elia let the others play with the flat plastic ring…




a rubber ring

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Karine, our local volunteer, put a rubber ring in the pond of the nursery group… guess what happened???



Christmas donations

YES! Our Sanctuary has been donated enough funds to buy the enrichment items for the chimps! We are so excited !! More toys have been ordered and now we really hope the parcels will arrive in time!

Many, many, many thanks to Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Valerie L,Eva C, Céline L, Carine L, Marc T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and to Sophie M for their participation and their wish to give the chimps brand new enrichment toys!!!

noel merci3

Christmas donations

So far, 61% of the funds have been raised thanks to the wonderful kindness of Fran B, laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Valérie L, Céline L, Carine L and Eva C.

However, about 150 $ are still needed to help us achieve our goal. Please, share and help us find more Friends of J.A.C.K. ready to give so that we can offer the chimps new enrichment toys. Join us on our “Christmas” page

Thank YOU for THEM!

noel merci2


Christmas for THEM!

Christmas is coming soon and J.A.C.K. set up a small “Christmas” page to offer the rescued orphans new enrichment items. Please join us on our “Christmas” page

Thank YOU for THEM!


dusty wind

PICTURE OF THE DAY – yes, this is an old picture, but we just love it!


the ultimate relaxation

PICTURE OF THE DAY – the ultimate in relaxtion for baby Tommy is to be groomed endlessly by girl friend Nalia



Elia & Ekolo

Elia is one of the oldest females we have in the Nursery group and for the last weeks she’s been taking good care of Ekolo, the youngest and most vulnerable member of her group. She acts like a little mother to him,  shares her nest, protects him against the ‘bully’ ones…and, most of all, Elia can play for hours and hours with Ekolo. They have so much fun together and we are happy to see that these orphans do create very strong bonds!!


11 - nov4-001




We have already had some rain now here and during rainy days chimps are kept indoors to prevent flu, coughing, etc… Karine, our volunteer, decided she would bring some music as enrichment to our different groups of chimps as she has noticed classical music keeps the chimps relaxed and calm.

When sitting in front of the very little ones, reactions differed from one baby to another. Kaly for instance just ignored Karine.


Luna known to be full of mischief tried to take the amplifier away from Karine!


And baby Mata simply ran away and kept his distance!!! He wanted to show us he was too busy eating peanuts!


Many thanks again, Karine, for your time and your great ideas!

It’s great to have someone like you around taking good care of the chimps !