updates on baby Kaly

Kaly arrived at J.A.C.K. in October 2013 and has settled in very well. She is now living in a small group with other infants of her age. Baby Kaly is a strong and healthy little primate wheighing 10 kgs. She is extremely playful and is always happy and in a good mood.


Last Saturday it was Kaly’s first anniversary at J.A.C.K. and the team had organised her favourite treat: little banana balls mixed with cereals and raisins. Of course, her friends had some treats too.




Kaly was also offered tennis balls and she really had a lot of fun- and her friends too!!! See by yourself on following video…

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We are all  happy to see Kaly doing so well! After all that fun, Kaly was taken for a long bush walk as we know chimps love climbing trees and play in the bush!



By the end of the day, Kaly seemed really exhausted! And her firends too!!


Maya not well

Maya is a young chimp female from the main group of orphans living at the Sanctuary. She hasn’t been doing very well recently: she lost a lot of fur, she seemed lethargic and looked depressed.

24.08.14 (3)-001

It was therefore decided to sedate her to get some blood samples. The lab results showed a serious anaemia and it was suggested Maya should have a particular diet essentially based on calories, proteines and iron. We isolated Maya for observation and we do offer her different types of food such as dry fruit (prunes, apricots, dates), cabbage, spinach, etc in addition to her normal meals. Also, Maya has  daily proteins through Sustagen Hospital Formula and we managed to find imported lentils that we mix in her mielie meal balls. Once Maya will be doing a lot better, more blood samples will have to be taken and more lab analyses will have to be done.

28.08.14 (3)

Maya is a strong chimp and we are convinved she’ll  feel better soon.


We would like to thank 4 good friends of J.A.C.K. who have helped us so far with Maya: Kelly Susan J., who sent us the Sustagen protein powder, Marie-Odile L and Carine L.T. who are Maya’s adopters, and Vanina C. who donated funds covering lab and pharmacy fees. We also want to thank Gladys C., our current local volunteer, who is preparing Maya’s proteins every day as well her daily enrichment items.

We hope to come back soon with good news regarding Maya,

Thank you,





growing sugar cane

Dear all,

At J.A.C.K., we had still some space left next to the green house to grow some sugar cane.

The project of growing one of the chimps’ favourite food started a few years ago thanks to the kind support of a friend of J.A.C.K., Mrs Sue A., who sponsored a plantation of banana trees, paw paws and sugar canes at the Sanctuary.



 Sugar canes like water and the place we have next to the green house is very wet. Land has to be prepared first and the sugar cane is being planted on small humid mounts.




Then, once the sugar cane is blossoming, it means it is ready to be harvested.




J.A.C.K. had its first sugar cane harvest this year and nearly half a ton was cut for the chimps. This was a good start and next year more will be harvested from our sugar cane plantation since extra canes have been planted!!


Many thanks to Mrs Sue A. but also to our two gardeners, Bondo and Kasongo, for making this possible!

Mata’s first steps to integration

Mata was rescued last April by J.A.C.K. He was mentally and physically exhausted – Franck and I were scared he wouldn’t make it…

Today, 4 months later, we can say Mata has made a lot of progress and since he really longed to be with individuals of his own kind it was decided to make him meet two young chimp females: Luna and Kaly.




 The two girls are just a bit older than baby Mata, but their relationship is now strong and Luna is now acting like a little mom to Kaly and to Mata ! Luna is doing an excellent job and we are happy she is able to do so despite her very young age.



Maman Angeline is still around and sees that integration is going on well. This is a complete new life for Mata and we are happy for him. He is gaining weight, strength and has now friends… isn’t that wonderful for him???


great works thanks to ‘Apeology’

Remember, last February, we showed you pictures of the Nursery 2 Project which aims in building more night quarters for the growing chimp infants. We also mentioned works had to be stopped since no more funding was available. Fullscreen capture 20140803 071428 AM But we have been extremely lucky since an unexpected donation enabled us to continue the works.

YES! This wonderful news arose  from the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST which announced us, Ola BERGGREN and Tommy LUNDBERG, the two Swedish authors of “Ledarskap på apstadiet” (= `Apeology – evolution for managers and leaders’) whom we have already talked about in October 2010, had decided to grant again JACK with substantial funds they collected through the sale of their famous book. Ola and Tommy are both interested in leadership, the interactions between all members of the company in comparison with chimpanzee individuals interacting with members of their group. Their book is an incredible journey that brings you from the deepest forests of Africa to the modern life of our current hectic society. Fullscreen capture 20140803 065607 AMThe world is full of books on leadership. Meanwhile the business world is crowded with managers seeking to emulate the successful behaviour of their role models. But what if they could more effectively increase productivity and profitability by imitating our closest relatives in the animal world? In this book, the authors study chimpanzees to help identify the innate human needs that form the basis of how we interact in the workplace and in the organisations. Genetically, we are 98,6% the same as chimpanzees. By observing our tree-climbing cousins we can regain a natural awareness of what makes people feel good and perform well in a group. The book was nominated for “Human Resource Book of the year 2010″ in Sweden and it was also published in Finland and Norway. But today, Tommy and Ola wish to go further. Since their book has had so much success in Sweden, they really want to have it translated into English. Would you know publishers ready to translate this great book, please contact us. Meanwhile, you can already have a look at the English Chapter Summary which will give you an idea of the book. Ola and Tommy sent their donation to our Sanctuary via the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust and more developments have taken place since last February. Fullscreen capture 20140807 125708 PM The money donated earlier this year enabled J.A.C.K. in building (1) the tunnel which  links Nursery Area 1 to Nursery Area 2 and (2) the second night quarter which got  built too nearly totally.

tunnel between the 2 nursery areas

Fullscreen capture 20140803 105310 AM

 night room 2 fixed

sct1 Again, J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Tommy, Ola and the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust for giving the chimps at J.A.C.K. the opportunity of seeing their stay at the sanctuary improved. Your donation has helped us make great things for the Nursery group and we hope these little hairy ones will soon be able to inaugurate their new territory.

Thank YOU for THEM !


old socks, great enrichment!

We do a lot of recycling at J.A.C.K. as we lack plenty of things here in Southern DRC.

So, the new enrichment tool we introduced several months ago is…old socks filled up with treats (raisins, fruit, cereals) and hidden or hung on the different playgrounds!

Most of the chimps like these recycled items – especially Maïka & Elia who have become great sock experts! See by yourself :)

=> Filling the socks and displaying them on the playgrounds

DSC08513 DSC08515 DSC08516

 => chimps enjoying their enrichment tools








and… ELIA!




Mata enjoying the forest

As mentioned previously, baby Mata goes now every day at the Sanctuary where he can enjoy life in the forest with his surrogate mom, Maman Angeline. Here are the first pictures of Mata climbing trees – he’s a real expert and he really likes to discover new experiences. Soon he’ll be introduced to Luna & Kaly – more pictures will come…






2 new steps for baby Mata

Mata is doing fine and is slowly recovering from all the trauma he went through before arriving at J.A.C.K.  He is eating well, has put on weight but has however  lost a lot of hair probably because of the bad conditions he had been kept in a few months ago. His fur is now hopefuly growing back, which is a good sign!!


Maman Angeline is taking good care of him. Mata has become extremely playful with more selfconfidence than before: he doesn’t want to have naps any more as he wants to play and play and play all the time!!

DSC08438 This is the reason why we decided Mata would spend his days at J.A.C.K. We can feel he is ready for new experiences and being at J.A.C.K. is important since he can see, hear and smell the others. Mata vocalises a lot when he hears the other chimpanzees but he also shouts on the big noisy ones!!  This is a new step for him which makes him understand he isn’t alone! Angeline regularly takes him for walks through the forest and Mata keeps on watching and observing each and everything! 2014-06-19-1517 Another good thing is that Mata now likes to drink milk (he refused milk for nearly 3 weeks!) and to have a milkbottle with a teet (which he also refused several weeks ago!). However, there is still a little problem: Mata  can’t hold his botlle in his hands and has found a Plan B  : he lays the bottle on the table  to drink his fruit juice very easily! Very clever, Mata! 06 - juin4 Maman Angeline is doing great too and she is happy to be with the team again at J.A.C.K.! Her body isn’t sore any more and she is just as fit as before – a real miracle!!! DSC08441

cold is back

The last time we talked about flu and keeping the chimp indoors was because of the heavy rains we had several months ago.

This time, temperatures are dropping down terribly (especially at night and early in the morning) which keeps on reminding us we also have ‘Winter’ here in Africa! Day temperatures vary between 28° & 32° C, but, just to give you an idea, feeding time two days ago at 7.30 am was at 11° Celsius… Some chimps are sick, the most fragile ones : Tommy, Nalia, Ekolo, Luna and baby Kaly who are all in quarantine because of flu!

06 - juin3

The littles ones have particular attention and care. Valentin, their keeper, checks their temperatures 3 times/day and provides special food and enrichment for them. This morning, he collected wild figs which they loved!


Hopefuly, the little  chimps are still very playful although sick and we hope situation will remain like this as the month of July is usually the coldest!

JACK growing education centre

Thanks to the generosity of two main donors, the International Primate Protection League and the ARCUS Foundation, J.A.C.K. has been given the opportunity to continue the works of developping  its education centre.

Today, the education area  is made of 4 hut-shaped-education buildings; each hut has a particular topic related to Conservation and to Chimpanzees.

educ centre

Education hut #1 enumerates the threats great apes are facingevery day (habitat destruction, bushmeat trade, exotic pet trade, diseases)  and what international/national solutions are brought to help save them;

education 1

Education hut #2 explains what a sanctuary is and why/how chimpanzee orphans arrive at J.A.C.K. A small puppet theater is attached to the building where kids can create their own conservation stories. This is the building that perished totally during the arson of September 2013 and which was totally restored.

education 2


Education hut #3 gives a general idea of monkeys  and shows the difference between monkeys and great apes.

education hut 3

Education hut #4 talks about chimpanzees mainly: habitat, anatomy, behaviour, reproduction, food, using and building tools….


 All these wonderful constructions wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of IPPL and of the Arcus Foundation and that’s why we again and again wish to thank both institutions for their attention and their wish to be part of the survival of South DRC chimpanzees.

2014 - merci ippl & arcus 2013

Thank YOU for THEM !