Professional groomers

PICTURE OF THE DAY – I’m grooming, you’re grooming, we’re grooming, they’re grooming…


buying medicines

One of our good friends and adopters, Carole V , has taken the initiative to collect funds to help us buy the needed medication (antibiotics, deworming drugs, vitamins) for the chimps. If you want to be part of this event, please, join us on  the crowdfunding website below or you can donate via our Paypal account (top right “Donate” picture with smiling chimp).


le pot commun
Thank you for the chimps!

And many thanks to Carole who knows that getting good drugs is this part of the world is very tough and extremely expensive!

hug trains

PICTURE OF THE DAY – feeding time: all the chimps are getting very impatient and youngsters do often start a “hug train”… today, the train is led by orphan Ekolo followed by Tommy and, of course, Nalia!

ekolo,tommy &nalia

strange paw paw disease

PICTURE OF THE DAY – strange paw paw disease, can anybody help?

papaye 2.87

health issues

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Young female Elia isn’t doing that great and has gone through hormonal disorders for the last two months. As suggested, her whomb was checked for ovary cysts or any other patology providing repetitive heats & periods…

We still don’t have any vet clinic at J.A.C.K. Our vet Jean Claude managed to find an ultrasound machine which we hired and J.A.C.K. found a friend, a very kind doctor, ready to help us read the scans.

No cysts were to be seen and everything seemed perfect! This is of course good news and we therefore have to investigate further on this hormonal disorder. Elia maybe rejects the implant she has had in her body for the last two years and the implant should be removed…we are all looking into the matter and will of course keep you updated!

echographie elia.29


Thank you,


the winners of yesterday’s contest

Results of yesterday’s contest : we do agree all the pics were just gorgeous and that it was extremely difficult to select one chimp only. Some of you however did so and it appears that babies Luna and Mata are on the 1st and 2nd places of your selection…



PICTURES OF THE DAY – which picture would you prefer when talking about chimps having their mouth full of yummy treats!!!

IMG_0569 IMG_0576 DSC02925 DSC02927 DSC04152 DSC04155 DSC04253 DSC04256 DSC04260

together forever

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Doguy & Zamba have known each other since May 2007 and have become inseparable friends!

doguy & zamba


hiding food

PICTURE OF THE DAY – keeper Fabrice hiding small aubergines on the open air playgrounds (enrichment)

fabrice 2.687

update on fundraising ‘money for security’

We have great news for today as some Friends of JACK, worried about the chimps’ security, have done their best to help out financially to enable us buy the needed materials to start fixing barbed wire on top of the walls located at the edge of our sanctuary.

Know that works have started thanks to your wonderful support. So far, 550 USD and 100 Euros have been collected; this is already a huge amount of money which is helping J.A.C.K. a lot!

wires1 (2)

wires1 (3)

Many thanks to Cherie B, Eva C, Tania F, Kelly J, Patti C, Fran B, Tanis S, Wanda H, Oliver T, Véronique T and Valérie L  for their great support! Without your Love and wish to be part of this security project, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to buy and fix the first barbed wires!!!

merci 6