zen attitude

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young male Wimbi decided he’d have nap… not sure he was in a very relaxing posture, bt he fell asleep which made us think Wimbi was enjoying his nap!


funny chimp game

Picture of the day – one of the favourite games of the chimps is the be dragged along by another chimp! On the picture below, playful female Elia is dragging baby Ekolo who seems to have much fun! You can see a big smile on Ekolo’s face!



evening enrichment


PICTURE OF THE DAY – at J.A.C.K. , chimps get evening enrichment and today keeper Ngoy is organising old pieces of barks which he’ll enrich with honey, cereals and fruit (pineapple, banana)



too hot

Several weeks now that temperatures are extremely high at J.A.C.K. (48°C / 118.4F in the sun!), which isn’t normal according to what the people of the Sanctuary say.


16.09.14 (18)

Young chimp Africa sweating

J.A.C.K. is located southern DRC and there are two seasons: a dry season (max  of 17°C/ 62.6 °F – min 5°C/42°F) and a rainy season (max 24°C/75.2°F – min 13°C/ 55°F). Before rains come and at the end of the dry season, there is like a gap season where temperatures can go very high! This is what has rececently happened at J.A.C.K.. So, to keep the chimps ‘cool’, gates were opened at midday till noon sothat the chimps could stay indoors.


Only a few of the chimps wanted to remain inside since most of them rather had water games! Different pools were adapted and regularly provided with fresh water to get the oprhans busy and cool.

 16.09.14 (59)


Enrichment items helped them drawing water from the different ponds.

23.09.14 (52)


And some even lovfor hours and hours  in the pool!


Today, Roxane said rains have just started (mainly at night) and that temperatures are milder. Hopefully rains won’t be like last year as, remember, different flu outbreaks started because of the rainy weather!!!


Talk back soon,



water hoses

Water hoses have a second life at J.A.C.K. since we use them as enrichment items. They represent an interesting tool: filled with rice and vegetables, the chimps have been taught to use a thin wooden stick to collect the treat inside the water hose.


Many of our chimp friends never spend time in trying to get grain after grain. Some hit the water hose on the floor while others shake them firmly to be sure to get the rice out of it!


But only a very few of them love to spend time getting the grains of rice one by one. Roxane taught the chimps how to ‘fish’ the rice in the water hose and only one chimp uses Roxane’s technique: Bihati! Once she sees the water hoses, Bihati grabs a thin piece of wood immediately !!


She is amazing and expresses a lot of excitement through noises of contentment.


Once the water hose is empty, the chimps use it according to their imaginiation:

– a plastic sigaret for Maïka?


– Vida has found a tool to scratch her feet;


– Ekolo knows how to draw water.


As you can see, enrichment items are interesting because they meke the chimps use their imagination and creativity!



Kimo, 6 years at JACK

Young Kimo is a chimp from the nursery group. He arrived in November 2008 and had some neurological issues probably due to an accident which occured during his capture.Upon arrival and for several months, the baby primate  had no strength in his fingers. He couldn’t remain on our back nor cling to our arms; climbing trees was nearly impossible to him!

 11.01.09 (28)-001

Josefine, a  friend and volunteer, stayed and worked for hours and hours with Kimo to help him gain self-confidence and also strength in is his little hands and fingers. It wasn’t easy as Kimo had also to adjust to his new environment…


Today, Kimo is a chimp like any other chimps since he’s now excellent in climbing trees!


He is lives in a group of chimps and he gets on well with all of them. Kimo is strong & healthy and we are so happy he recovered so well! Many thanks again to Josefine who did her best to give him all the love and care he needed when he arrived 6 years ago!!!




audio enrichment


The chimps living at J.A.C.K. have so far been used to food and to visual enrichment.

Today, Karine, a friend of JACK residing in Lubumbashi, is volunteering 3 times a week and she offers the chimps a variety of audio enrichment made of different types of music thanks to an audio adaptor set on her  phone.


Some of the chimps are too curious and can sit hours staring at Karine while others don’t mind at all.



Tika, one of the young teenager chimps, lays quietly in front of Karine as if the classical melodies calm him down. People who know Tika won’t believe their eyes when seeing him behaving like this since Tika is a very active teenager always  playing the tough guy to impress!


So, we can say that Karine’s efforts are positive and we do encourage her to continue this good job as captive chimpanzees need enrichment and really need attention!


Thank you Karine for your precious help and ideas!!

sore hands for baby Mata

Baby Mata is now staying with a few orphan chimps of his age. Since he is now getting bigger, stronger and more self confident, he enjoys playing with the others and hangs, swings in the night quarters just like his friends do. But his skin is still very thin and fragile and young Mata has just developped sores on the palms of both his hands.





Maman Angeline keeps the wounds clean and  a protective ointment is used 2 – 3 times/day  to help the tissue repair.





This all looks easy to do. But taking care of Mata’s hands isn’t a simple task since Mata doesn’t like us to keep his hands still for a while. Therefore, this morning Mata was offered some fresh strawberries from our green garden as to reward his patience.



Many thanks again to Maman Angeline for all the good job – in a few days, the sores will be gone!

updates on baby Kaly

Kaly arrived at J.A.C.K. in October 2013 and has settled in very well. She is now living in a small group with other infants of her age. Baby Kaly is a strong and healthy little primate wheighing 10 kgs. She is extremely playful and is always happy and in a good mood.


Last Saturday it was Kaly’s first anniversary at J.A.C.K. and the team had organised her favourite treat: little banana balls mixed with cereals and raisins. Of course, her friends had some treats too.




Kaly was also offered tennis balls and she really had a lot of fun- and her friends too!!! See by yourself on following video…

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We are all  happy to see Kaly doing so well! After all that fun, Kaly was taken for a long bush walk as we know chimps love climbing trees and play in the bush!



By the end of the day, Kaly seemed really exhausted! And her firends too!!


Maya not well

Maya is a young chimp female from the main group of orphans living at the Sanctuary. She hasn’t been doing very well recently: she lost a lot of fur, she seemed lethargic and looked depressed.

24.08.14 (3)-001

It was therefore decided to sedate her to get some blood samples. The lab results showed a serious anaemia and it was suggested Maya should have a particular diet essentially based on calories, proteines and iron. We isolated Maya for observation and we do offer her different types of food such as dry fruit (prunes, apricots, dates), cabbage, spinach, etc in addition to her normal meals. Also, Maya has  daily proteins through Sustagen Hospital Formula and we managed to find imported lentils that we mix in her mielie meal balls. Once Maya will be doing a lot better, more blood samples will have to be taken and more lab analyses will have to be done.

28.08.14 (3)

Maya is a strong chimp and we are convinved she’ll  feel better soon.


We would like to thank 4 good friends of J.A.C.K. who have helped us so far with Maya: Kelly Susan J., who sent us the Sustagen protein powder, Marie-Odile L and Carine L.T. who are Maya’s adopters, and Vanina C. who donated funds covering lab and pharmacy fees. We also want to thank Gladys C., our current local volunteer, who is preparing Maya’s proteins every day as well her daily enrichment items.

We hope to come back soon with good news regarding Maya,

Thank you,